Kokuryu Labels

[Kokuryu Ryu]

A breakthrough daiginjo, Ryu was the first to bring French wine maturation techniques to sake-brewing and the first daiginjo released nationwide. Well-rounded, gently aromatic and surprisingly incisive.

FranceUSAUKChinaHong KongAustraliaTaiwanThailand

[Kokuryu Daiginjo]

One-year-old daiginjo has a round flavor and clean, crisp taste. Made with Fukui’s famously soft water, the finest sake rice and the brewer’s utmost attention to detail.

ChinaSouth KoreaHong KongTaiwan

[Kokuryu Tokugin]

Tokugin is made from domestically grown rice in a gradual low-temperature fermentation process. Kokuryu’s proprietary yeast gives it a graceful aroma and clean taste.

FranceUSAUKHong KongAustraliaTaiwanThailand

[Kokuryu Jungin]
Junmai Ginjo

A sake that expresses the natural flavor of select Gohyakumangoku rice from Fukui. The harmony of taste and fragrance creates a depth of flavor—rich, dynamic and mysterious.

USAUKChinaSouth KoreaHong KongAustraliaThailand

[Kokuryu Gin No Tobira]

Literally “The Doors of Ginjo,” Gin no Tobira is a new-generation sake for everyone. Light, fruity and aromatic, in a convenient single-serving blue bottle as inviting as its name.


Kuzuryu Labels

[Kuzuryu Daiginjo]

Sake in Japan is traditionally served warm, and Kuzuryu Daiginjo is best enjoyed warmed to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Its elegant, mellow flavor spreads delicately across the palate.

FranceHong KongTaiwan

[Kuzuryu Junmai]

This is Kokuryu’s first junmai release, and can be served either chilled or warmed. Full-bodied but clean tasting, with a dry finish. Warming softens this sake, enhancing its overall harmony.

FranceUKUSAChinaSouth KoreaHong KongAustraliaTaiwanThailand

[Kuzuryu Ippin]

A friendly sake for everyday dining, “Ippin” can be served at any temeperature. Brewed from domestically grown rice, its soft texture and crisp taste make it an ideal mealtime companion.

ChinaSouth KoreaHong KongTaiwanThailand

Limited Release

[Kokuryu Ishidaya]
Junmai Daiginjo

Years of gentle maturation at low temperatures bring this junmai daiginjo to unparalleled mellowness and fullness of flavor. You’d expect nothing less from a sake that bears Kokuryu’s original name.

FranceUSAUKChinaSouth KoreaHong KongAustraliaTaiwan

[Kokuryu Nizaemon]
Junmai Daiginjo

A junmai daiginjo named after Kokuryu’s founder, Nizaemon uses every precious drop from the moromi, collected in 18-liter tobin bottles and matured using Kokuryu’s original method. The result is a sake with rich and elegant flavor.

UKUSAHong KongAustraliaTaiwan

[Kokuryu Shizuku]

An elegant daiginjo named after the fresh, clear liquid collected drop by drop from cotton bags filled with moromi, or sake mash. Its clean and beautiful flavor will remind you of the coldest day in winter.

FranceUSAUKHong KongAustraliaTaiwanThailand

[Kokuryu Hachijuhachigo]

Eighty-eight is a supremely lucky number in Japan, suggesting as it does the character for “rice.” An excellent, perfectly balanced daiginjo rich with umami undertones.

FranceUSAUKSouth KoreaHong KongAustraliaTaiwanThailand